Allied IRC Networks a.k.a VoodooNet

Allied IRC Networks Servers a.k.a VoodooNet

Unfortunately, the past few months some (ex)BGirc servers have had to delink, which has not happened in over a year, if not longer. Naturally, something extreme must happen for this to be even considered. Almost always can we find a solution through the use of good old fashioned communication. Alas, not in this case. Well, here is the story (to the best of my knowledge):

This a give and take network, where mutual trust is vital for our survival. We are maintained by the community, and we exist solely for the community. One of the admins ( wanted one thing, but the others did not want such a change. Talking about changing the daemon and the services back to the old ones (ratbox/hybrid). No one wanted to accept this change and had to disconnect the ratbox server. All of the admins was against that, but all in all we look forward to network development. So… after mid October of 2013 some changes was made in the network. The server ratbox delinked. Other joined the Allied Networks, as I like to call it, because it is a combination of several smaller networks.
At the time while we were still BGirc we made link with VoodooNet. So after delinking ratbox we were just two servers from BGirc and the servers from VoodooNets side. We kept the name of VoodooNet and here we are a month after the division of a BGirc network we are better than ever. We have linked another server with the name of, and we activated network bridge with the bulgarian irc networks Fewona and OptiLan. Thats it for now, and if there are any updates they will be posted on the appointed place.


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