MemoServ (MS)

MS (MemoServ) – /msg MS HELP – lists the following help



DELETE allows you to delete memos from your inbox. You can delete all memos with the ALL parameter, all read memos with the OLD parameter, or specify a memo number.

You can obtain a memo number by using the LIST command. Once you delete a memo, the numbers of all subsequent memos will change.

You can also SEND, READ, LIST and FORWARD memos.

Syntax: DELETE ALL|OLD|<memo number>


/msg MemoServ DELETE OLD

/msg MemoServ DELETE 1


FORWARD allows you to forward a memo to another account. Useful for a variety of reasons.

You can also SEND, DELETE, LIST or READ memos.

Syntax: FORWARD <user|nick> <memo number>


/msg MemoServ FORWARD kog 1


IGNORE allows you to ignore memos from another user. Possible reasons include inbox spamming, annoying users, bots that have figured out how to register etc.

You can add up to 40 users to your ignore list



/msg MemoServ IGNORE ADD kog

/msg MemoServ IGNORE DEL kog

/msg MemoServ IGNORE LIST

/msg MemoServ IGNORE CLEAR


LIST shows you your memos in your inbox, including who sent them and when. To read a memo, use the READ command. You can also DELETE or FORWARD a memo.

Syntax: LIST


/msg MemoServ LIST


READ allows you to read a memo that another user has sent you. You can either read a memo by number or read your new memos.

Syntax: READ <memo number>
Syntax: READ NEW


/msg MemoServ READ 1


SEND allows you to send a memo to a nickname that is offline at the moment. When they come online they will be told they have messages waiting for them and will have an opportunity to read your memo.

Your memo cannot be more than 300 characters.

Syntax: SEND <user|nick> text


/msg MemoServ SEND Kog pay your bills


SENDGROUP allows you to send a memo to all members of a group who have the +m flag.

Syntax: SENDGROUP <!group> <text>


/msg MemoServ SENDGROUP !opers beware of badguy


SENDOPS allows you to send a memo to all ops on a channel. Only users allowed to view the access list can do this.

Syntax: SENDOPS <#channel> <text>


/msg MemoServ SENDOPS #chat beware of badguy

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